Truth Test: Coburn-Carson TV ads

Friday, October 15th 2004, 3:54 pm
By: News On 6

A war of words erupted again today over allegations of Medicaid fraud against Doctor Tom Coburn.

The allegations dismissed in court 12 years ago are in the latest ad from Congressman Brad Carson.

Here's the ad it states Coburn sterilized a woman without her permission, and confessed to Medicaid fraud.

The sterilization claim went to trial but was dismissed and the Medicaid fraud allegation came from democrats, not any kind of agency that might investigate such claims.

Today Republican Senator Don Nickles (the man Carson and Coburn want to replace) said the Carson ad was the worst negative ad he's ever seen.

Rep Brad Carson, (D) US Senate Candidate: What is in the television commercial that Senator Nickles seems to have a problem with are Tom Coburn's own words. His sworn testimony.

Walt Haskins, Coburns Attorney/Carson Supporter: “Doctor Coburn didn't say that, it's not in the transcript, it wasn't said at trial, he's quoting the patient, he says it's Tom Coburn saying that, that's not what Tom Coburn said, that's what the patient claimed.

The attorney there represented Coburn in the trial, but gave two thousand dollars to the Carson campaign before he saw the ad. He says once he saw it, his blood boiled and he had to speak out.