We got Fired!

Thursday, October 14th 2004, 2:43 pm
By: News On 6

His book, "Swim with the Sharks" topped the bestseller list for more than a year.

Today, people got to see business author Harvey Mackay up close at the Tulsa Convention Center. And hear him talk about his new book, "We got Fired and it's the best thing that ever happened to us." Whether or not you think its the best thing, it's definitely happening more often.

Harvey Mackay:"There's a national funeral going on out there... 3 millon people... 4 million people lost their jobs over the past 3 years...

Harvey Mackay: "... and therefore I thought I had something to say.. All these people were landing on their feet."

People that Harvey Mackay listed in his speech like Robert Redford, Larry King, Lee Iaccoca and on and on.

The book profiles 28 celebrities and their own stories of being fired. It also lists the 25 signs you're about to be fired, he gave us five for free, which he called, "the Chill is On."

Harvey Mackay:"Number one... you're not invited to meetings you used to be invited to... Number two, you're subordinates are invited to meetings, and you didn't do the inviting... Number three, the boss suddenly freezes the pay of the payroll... Number four, you might be transferred to Tucumcari, New Mexico.. Number five, they move your desk just a couple of feet away from the power place."

He says if your antennae is up, you'll know. In all his books, he's preached the virtue of preparation and perseverance. He found that after failure, successful people simply moved on.

Harvey Mackay:"You can't saw sawdust..."

And it might seem counter-intuitive, but he says don't hold a grudge.

Harvey Mackay:"Your jobs come from networking, don't alienate the people in the company that fired you, move on with your life."