Progressive art Gallery

Thursday, October 14th 2004, 2:43 pm
By: News On 6

Budding artists need an outlet a place where they can show their art. Many in Tulsa have found a home at a new gallery on 15th street called Seekers.

"It had been a design center."

Seekers is the brain child of Nanette Hummel. She's the gallery owner and sort of a house mother to lots of new artists.

Nanette Hummel: "This is Vincent Latouche.....he's a TU art student...I've got a couple of TU art students in here they're very talented people."

And she knows all their stories and how they found their talent.

Hummel: "This is Robert Portillo...he was in a car accident, and part of his therapy was to learn to paint he has developed into this"

There are very different pieces, some unique furniture.
This is a piece of stone out of the river, with two fish carved on it like fossils.

The artists rent a small space and show their work. The gallery gets a percentage of what they sell. There is art everywhere you look even in the ceiling, kids have painted many of these, when they dry they put them up.

Hummel: "Kids come in all the time and say there I am...that's mine...I did that..."

There are some emotional skeletons in this small closet she's put these here because they're just not for everyone.

Part of her joy comes when a new artist is looking for a space.

Hummel: "I'll say oh...what kind of art do you create.....they say it's out in my car....yea and out the door we the trunk and out comes this wonderful stuff."

There's a separate room, away from the rest, containing the more ....uh adult pieces.

But most of this is family friendly and designed for undiscovered artists of all ages, just getting started.