Green Country family says their long battle for justice continues

Tuesday, October 12th 2004, 5:27 am
By: News On 6

Alana Merchant was killed in a car wreck on Highway 75 when she was 16. Witnesses say two cars speeding and darting in and out of traffic caused the wreck.

Police say it was Nicholas Horath's car, but he says he was sleeping at the time and charges against him were dropped when a key witness changed his story.

Merchant's family was supposed to go to court Monday against Horath's car insurance company... but, the company decided to settle.

In doing so, they admitted there was enough evidence to prove Horath was the driver.

That small admission is important for Alana's family, but, they'd rather hear it from Horath himself.

"All he needs to do is be man enough to say he did it. To even acknowledge remorse to the family would be something because this has torn us apart. We just want a settlement to this," said Rex Merchant/Alana's Father.

The Merchants still hold out hope that a witness will come forward so charges can be re-filed.

Horath is currently in prison on unrelated assault charges.