Mother's Lesson Saves Child's Life

Thursday, April 26th 2007, 7:53 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police say two men tried to abduct a 13-year-old girl Thursday morning, but her quick thinking stopped them, possibly saving her life. The victim in this case fought her way to freedom. It's a lesson her mother taught all of her children. The News On 6’s Latoya Silmon reports if you haven't talked to your child about this type of danger, the victim's mom and one expert says you should.

When Renee's McCaskill's 13-year-old daughter called her Thursday morning, she wasn't prepared for what she had to say.

“She was pretty upset,” said McCaskill. “She was crying. She said that two men basically had taken her and she didn't know where she was.”

It happened just before school started. McCaskill's daughter was supposed to catch the bus, but she missed it. That's when she says two men drove up and forced her into an SUV.

“I'm so glad that she fought through, and she didn't quit, and she didn't stop yelling, stop screaming and kicking,” said McCaskill.

Tulsa Police say the attackers got tired of it, and dropped the girl off at a nearby church, just one mile from where they grabbed her.

Because what they don't want is someone who is confident, alert and trying to fight their way out, because that brings attention to other drivers around or those walking out and about,” said Tulsa Police Officer Stephanie Jackson.

McCaskill says it's a lesson she's taught all of her children, and she encourages other parents to do the same.

McCaskill says her daughter is determined to move on. She even went to basketball practice Thursday.

Now if you have school-aged children, police recommend they never walk to school or to the bus stop alone, and like the parents in this case, it's important to act out situations, don’t teach stranger danger.

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