Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Wednesday, April 18th 2007, 7:45 pm
By: News On 6

The benefits of laughter have been researched, and studies show laughing is good for your health. So a new trend is developing in the U.S. They're called laughter clubs, and Oklahoma has their very own certified laugh leaders. News On 6 anchor Jennifer Loren reports we brought them to our studios to learn why they say laughter really is the best medicine.

"Life is too serious to take seriously," said Taryn Cordell.

Cordell and Janice Damron run Two Loose Screws laughter strategies. They hold workshops where they teach grown-ups how to laugh like a kid again.

"A lot of people say why would I have to learn how to laugh? I laugh a lot, and actually if we inventory that, we would find out that we don't laugh nearly as much as we think we do," said Cordell.

So, first, they teach you how to laugh. We found the laughs we were most comfortable with by watching our co-workers make fools of themselves. Then the laughter leaders teach you how to integrate laughter into your everyday activities. By laughing more, they say we relieve stress, strengthen our immune systems, improve blood flow, digestion, sleep and the list goes on.

"It also brightens my attitude when I can find the lighter side of life instead of taking things so seriously," said Cordell.

Plus, they say you'll feel the effects of a good laugh session for 24 to 48 hours.

"When you see how good it makes you feel then you'll be encouraged to put more laughter in your life," said Damron.

These laugh therapy classes are becoming more and more popular across the country. Damron and Cordell think this will soon be an accepted type of everyday therapy.

"Well I think it’s becoming popular because it’s what we need," said Cordell.

For more information about Two Loose Screws you can call their Tulsa office at 918-809-5692 or their Oklahoma City office at 580-254-1647.