DUI Charge Delay Upsets Accident Victim

Monday, April 2nd 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

A Muskogee man who was hit by a drunk driver in August was frustrated that charges still hadn't been filed by the end of March, so he contacted the News On 6. When News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright called the DA's office to find out why, she was told it would be taken care of and charges were quickly filed. Lori Fullbright reports both the victim and the suspect were upset by the delay.

Jason Adams, his 9-year-old son and a friend were sitting at a stoplight at 193rd East Avenue when they got hit from behind. Adams’ 26-foot car trailer, his racecar, four wheeler and generator were damaged in the August 13th accident.

"Looked in my rearview mirror, half a second and saw the car coming at us, a half-ton truck. She hit us, never hit the brakes, never stopped, threw up 100 feet," said drunk driving victim Jason Adams.

The police report says two men saw the woman driving a few miles earlier, it says she was swerving all over the road and went into the ditch a couple of times. The report says the men followed her and even tried to block her car, but she went around them. They called 911, afraid she was going to hit someone, which she did.

"At the time of the accident, there was a big nationwide push to combat drunk driving. We're getting a real eye opener,” said Adams. “The process is not speedy, by any means."

The driver, Amie Clark, says she called for a month after the wreck to see if she was going to be ticketed or charged, but she was told nothing was pending. Clark says she thought the victim had been reimbursed by her insurance company. She was shocked to learn that charges were finally filed seven months after the incident. She went to jail Monday, to be booked and released.

"I apologize. I hope there's no hatred,” said drunk driving suspect Amie Clark. “As far as what I was supposed to do on my end, I did do. I was understanding insurance paid for it; I was also understanding no tickets. I checked for 30 days and figured if they didn't do it then, they wouldn't do it."

Jason says he wants Amie to be held accountable for choosing to drink and drive, and he wants his medical bills paid for and his damaged goods replaced.

Adams does realize the accident could've been worse. His sister Jeralyn was killed in a drunk driving crash four years ago.

Aime Clark denies driving erratically. Records show her blood alcohol level was a .14, .08 is the legal limit in Oklahoma.

The District Attorney’s office did not give a reason why charges in the case were delayed, although, Clark’s blood work was not tested until a month after the accident. Once the case was assigned to a new district attorney, charges were quickly filed.