No Plumbing, No Problem

Monday, March 5th 2007, 10:45 am
By: News On 6

There’s nothing much worse than being without a comfort station when you really need one. That was the situation for a Tulsa man, and when he couldn't find what he was looking for he decided to build his own. The News on 6’s Rick Wells reports a new business was born, Professional Oklahoma Outhouse Products, or POOP.

Maybe you've seen them, all lined up in a field on the north side of 86th Street North in Owasso, outhouses.

"This is the corporate headquarters," said Chris Clark.

Headquarters of POOP, Professional Oklahoma Outhouse Products, it’s the entrepreneurial effort of two Tulsans who saw a hole in the market place, they're trying to fill.

Chris Clark is #2 his partner and brother in law is #1.

"I had the idea so makes me #1 he can be #2, and he's enjoying being #2," said Ben Baty.

Here's the story, Baty bought a piece of property in Owasso, but there are no facilities on the land. He and Clark realized they didn't need a plumber they needed a privy, so they Googled outhouse and found lots of plans.

"Some had two holes some had one, some had gabled roofs some just a flat roof," said Clark.

Thinking others might be interested they started building. Some are pretty basic, manual door locks and all natural door handles, while the executive model features a lid and a battery operated reading light.

They haven't sold any yet, but they've got a sign out by the road.

"We had a lady call, she had a handful of chickens and she needed a place to put her chickens," said Clark.

If you need an outhouse, or perhaps a tool shed that looks like an outhouse you can visit their website at