Weather Prompts Snow Related Purchases

Thursday, November 30th 2006, 11:02 am
By: News On 6

Conditions are extremely dangerous situation for drivers across northeastern Oklahoma. It's been a challenging day for people coping with the cold.

News on 6 anchor Craig Day says with a steady breakfast of sleet, the morning commute into Tulsa was anything but routine. Drivers who made it into and around the city safely were the lucky ones. But there are many that wish they would have just stayed home and slept in.

Driving didn't get much better throughout the day. But business at Best Hardware in Tulsa sure did. Drew Cowan and his children Isabella and Eli got new sleds. And it seems every time the bell rings, it's a good bet it means someone is coming for ice melt, scrapers or just about anything to help cope with the cold.

Store employee Greg Wellborn: "A lot of ice melt, snow shovels, de-icer. And a guy came in this morning and bought fishing line. He's going fishing.”

Phil Valois bought ten bags of ice melt. “Originally, I'm from upstate New York. So it doesn't bother me a bit. A lot of people. It's going to be a tough winter I think." If this first major winter storm of the season is any indication, it will be.

Driving is treacherous. The blowing sleet makes it uncomfortable to even be outside. Some Tulsa flights were delayed.

And just getting where you need to go takes a lot of extra time. And it's expected to get worse. But for now little Isabella and Eli won't worry about all that. They're just taking advantage of a day off school and enjoying a little winter fun.