Tulsa Dog Attack Rescue

Monday, November 20th 2006, 10:13 am
By: News On 6

A brave 8 year-old saves her baby sister from the jaws of a vicious dog. The animal attacked the girls as they played in their grandmother's front yard near Quanah and Archer in Tulsa on Saturday afternoon. They say 1-year-old Hannah was its first target.

News on 6 anchor Tami Marler says when the News on 6 went to see the dog at the animal shelter; it was cowering in the corner of a cage. A far cry from the vicious animal that 8 year-old Taylor had to beat off of her baby sister.

1 year old Hannah Wilson may not feel like it Monday, but she's a lucky girl. Her 8 year-old sister charged to her rescue when a vicious dog had her in its teeth, tossing her around like a doll. Dorothy Pedro: "And beating her head against the ground. And my granddaughter Taylor ran over there and started hitting the dog, kicking it, anything she could to get the dog off of her sister. It's a good thing she did. It was very brave of her."

Animal control officer James Sutherland says, the dog was already chained in its yard when he arrived. "He could've busted off and when I come up to get him he was trying to break off the chain, and get after me being highly aggressive. He wasn't going nowhere so we was able to secure him."

Sutherland says when he went to pick up the dog he tried to talk to the owners but they didn't speak English, so he had to do something they're doing more and more often. He called in a translator.

"That's one of the reasons they hired me here because they had nobody to speak Spanish. I have gone to a lot a lot a lot." Animal control officer Joe Segura says, he told this dog's owners, they'd have to pay a large fine and police would want to question them before they could claim him. "Right away they don't want no problems. And I don't know it's because maybe they're illegal, I have no idea, but right away they sign the dog over and it's over."

But it may not be over for Dorothy Pedro and her grandchildren. They could still press charges. "The dog was out to kill. It really was." Animal control officers say they expect the owners to sign over custody to the shelter, where they'll observe him for rabies for ten days. After that, the dog will likely be put to sleep.

Hannah has seven stitches in her torso and big sister Taylor has punctures on both legs.