David Abston Arrested By Bixby Police

Thursday, November 16th 2006, 10:21 am
By: News On 6

A man accused of having child pornography heads to federal court Friday afternoon. It comes after David Abston skipped out of a court appearance Wednesday and went on the run.

Acting on a tip, Bixby Police officers arrested David Abston.

After officials learned Abston sold his truck for cash and bought an airline ticket to LA, many people figured he was long gone.

Bixby Police arrested Abston at the StarWorld Movie Theater at 103rd and Memorial. An employee recognized Abston after seeing his picture on TV. She says he was wearing his sunglasses inside and had his hat pulled low over his face.

She was a little nervous after finding out Abston had a gun on him when he was arrested. Deidra: "my heart was beating fast because he could've pulled that out so fast on us because he could've thought we were suspicious."

Police say Abston also had a wad of cash, a fake badge and a list of names and phone numbers with him.

When FBI agents asked Abston if he knew he'd messed up by skipping out on his federal hearing, he quietly answered yes.

Federal agents will escort him to court Friday afternoon.

Abston owns a skating rink in Broken Arrow and authorities say there may be as many as 20 victims.

Authorities are no doubt happy to have David Abston locked up, but unfortunately, the number of his alleged victims continues to grow. Broken Arrow Police says they now have 5 possible victims. Tulsa Police, we're told, might also have multiple cases they're looking into.

One Tulsa mother had a chilling encounter with David Abston back in 2005 and believes that he was targeting her son.

News on 6 reporter Steve Berg says a mother, who wants to stay anonymous, says Abston was her neighbor back in February of 2005. She says her son met the boy who Abston claims was his son at school. She says Abston called her on the phone, saying that he and his son were new in town. She says that was a lie because she later checked and found he had bought his house in 1992.

She says there were many other red flags that made her decide immediately that there was something wrong and that she made sure her son didn't go near Abston. She told the News on 6 what he said during that first phone call to her house. "And that he was trying to help his little boy make friends and that his little boy had met my son at school and really liked him and wanted to arrange a play date and wanted to know if he could spend the night and wanted to know if he could me and I offered to go to his house but he insisted on coming to my house."

Steve Berg: "Was that the first thing that struck you as odd."

Woman: "Very odd, very odd."

The FBI's search warrant meanwhile, lists some of the items they took from Abston's house on November 8th. The list includes sexual devices; DVD's labeled as pornography, nudist magazines, and X-Box video game consoles.