Music The Old Fashioned Way

Tuesday, November 14th 2006, 10:32 am
By: News On 6

In a high tech world of internet music downloads it’s odd to find a store selling records, especially one able to stay in business on the strength of customers who like their music the old fashioned way.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells says this store has everything from Elvis' first album, to Tom Petty's latest, and they’re available on vinyl.

Here at Lee's Records its wall to wall LP's and 45's mostly.

“CD’s are just sterile, vinyl's just really really warmer," said Jimmy Lollis.

Lollis says the warmer sound is there, he can't explain it, it just is. People obsessive about their music say they can hear it, and they like the way it fells.

"They have to touch it, they have to read it, they wanna read the lyrics," said Lollis.

Some folks are so insistent; a few artists are releasing new music on both albums and CD’s.

“Tom Petty's new album's out on vinyl. Darkness, a new rock group, their new album is out on an album on vinyl," Lollis said.

But for most folks who come in here, it's looking back not forward.

“People love just looking at stuff, cause every one of these is a memory for them," said Lollis.

I got stuck in the Gordon Lightfoot section, why? I don't know. Nancy Sinatra, Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart and Steppenwolf in the same rack, cool!!

“Here you go Rick." Wow, Bruce Willis, The Partridge Family, and there with Conway Twitty, before anyone knew she could sing, Naomi Judd Wynonna's Mama

"You name it we've probably got it here someplace," Lollis said.

There's Elvis' first album. They've got a room with nothing but 45's floor to ceiling. Don't have anything to play these on; they can take care of that to.

"Maybe that's what people need sometimes, just to sit back and listen to some records," said Lollis.

Sounds like good therapy.

Lee's claims to have 750,000 records in stock, so if you're looking and can't find something, it might be there.

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