Tulsa Home Gets A Giant American Flag Painted On Its Roof

Friday, November 3rd 2006, 10:07 am
By: News On 6

A Tulsa family displays their patriotism loud and clear. The Morris family had a giant American Flag painted on the roof of their home Friday.

Artist Scott LoBaido is painting Old Glory on 50 rooftops in all 50 states. This roof was his 45th. The home is located in the 4800 block of Southeast 86th Avenue.

The goal is to pay tribute to American troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world.

The Morris' come from a long line of soldiers. Ronnie Morris: "If just one person because of this says a prayer for our troops today than it's worth it. I'd paint 100 of them on my house."

Scott LoBaido: "I need to go on a mission and spread a little patriotism, non-political, which is the key. I think that patriotism and the American flag has gotten tangled up in the negative arena of politics in the last few years I think I'm trying to bring it back to its originality which is just pride and honor and respect for men and women who make that ultimate sacrifice."

LoBaido says his next stop will be Missouri.