A Dangerous High That Is Cheap, Legal And Accessible

Thursday, November 2nd 2006, 8:31 pm
By: News On 6

The company that makes Dust-Off, a computer cleaner, recently announced it’s trying to stop kids from inhaling the product, by making it taste bad.

The practice is called dusting, where teenagers inhale the heavy gas used to pressurize the air in the can. It's a growing problem and a deadly one. It can kill without warning. But it's cheap and easy to get and is hard to detect.

Laureate licensed therapist Ryan Myers: "the high that comes from inhalant abuse is really weak, it's short-lived, like I said, the attractive thing is it's quick."

The buzz is immediate and acts like an anesthetic. It wears off after about 10 seconds, but is extremely addictive.

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