As Seen On TV

Thursday, November 2nd 2006, 10:23 am
By: News On 6

Those staples of late night and early morning TV, the infomercial, sell all kinds of products. Some of those things look perfect, but don't you wish you could actually see it before you buy it?

As News on 6 reporter Rick Wells explains, there is a new store selling products "As Seen on TV".

The Tulsa store has more than 300 products sold on TV, well, now you can see them and buy them in Tulsa.

Phillip Farmer has just opened the ‘As Seen On TV’ store at Tulsa’s Promenade Mall. He has lots of items, including something called a space pen, developed by NASA for use on the Space Shuttle. "You can write under water upside down, in extreme heat and extreme cold."

Sounds like the perfect pen, advantage here you can hold it, see it up close and take it home. "When you order from TV you have a 4 to 6 week waiting period, you have to pay shipping and handling and you have to give out your credit card number." Without shipping and handling you pay less.

He says he has the infomercials for all the products. Including the one for the hands-free can opener. "You just stick it on top of the can push this button and it will spin around automatically." Cuts the top right off.

How about Eagle Eyes, sunglasses also developed by NASA. They've even got some of those Time Life music collections.

They say they test the products and if they don't work as well as advertised, they don't sell them.