Filling Up For Less Than $2 A Gallon

Friday, October 13th 2006, 5:27 pm
By: News On 6

Viewers have been e-mailing the News on 6, asking why gas is under $2 a gallon outside of Tulsa, and over $2 in the city limits.

It's probably the only corner in Tulsa where you can find gas cheaper than $2 a gallon. At R&R it's $1.98, but one block away, it's two cents less. Mike Numair is selling it for a $1.96, the cheapest in the city.

Mike Numair: "A lot of people like it. They can believe they can fill up gas for a lot less price than they're used to paying."

The News on 6 drove up Peoria and found almost everyone else selling for two something. $2.03 at a Kum-n-Go, and $2.04 at a Shell.

Gas in Muskogee is cheaper than most of the locations in Tulsa. We found it selling for $1.97 and $1.99.

You can find a $1.97 gas as far south as Eufaula, but folks in McAlester say they're paying $2.06.

Out west, folks in Oklahoma City are paying between a $1.99 and $2.03. But the biggest bargains are in Bartlesville, where gas runs between a $1.92, and $1.94.

Much cheaper than the state wide average of $2.08 per gallon.

QuikTrip says anytime stores have to mix unique or boutique gasoline blends like Tulsa does, it adds to the price. But Mike Numair says you also have to factor in wholesale prices, tax differences, and how much profit stations want to make off every gallon.

Mike Numair: "A lot of other companies are trying to maintain gas prices over $2, which is unnecessary right now. Wholesale is down, so they should be able to keep it under two dollars."

Numair says he makes minimum profits, but is selling more product. He says that proves in the gas game, every penny counts.

Now gas prices have been going down for the past several months. Mike Numair says his instincts tell him they'll still drop another ten-cents or so before they bottom out.