Tulsa Robbery Victim Talks About His Experience

Friday, October 13th 2006, 5:08 pm
By: News On 6

A robbery leaves a store owner with a gash on his head and a broken spirit. The attacker took all the man’s money leaving him with little to keep his store going.

It's a sad story of an immigrant trying to make a living and having a robber take his money. It started out Thursday morning when the man who runs a tiny store and check cashing business got back from a trip to the bank.

His name is Anoop K-hanna, but he goes by Andy, and all his customers know him. He's a native of India, who came to Tulsa from New York 18 months ago. Now, he thinks he might have to go back.

Anoop "Andy" Khanna, Robbery Victim: "I think I just have to pack the luggage ... and go back back to New York."

His store is tiny, and Andy lives in the back, with little more than a mattress and a TV. He believed he was doing well in Tulsa, until Thursday, when he was attacked and robbed after a trip to the bank. When Andy came back he believes the attacker was waiting for him because he knew he had the bank bag. Well Andy came in to put up some stock, but the attacker had another idea. He had a large rock and he hit him on the head.

Anoop "Andy" Khanna, Robbery Victim: "I just turn like this and when I turn some force came and pow, 2 times he hit it... on the head and I fell down like this, this is the blood, I totally fell down and the guy came on me and he was holding my neck with 2 gloves and saying, I want to kill you."

He didn't kill Andy but he may have killed the business. He took all the money from the bank bag, the register, his wallet and his bedroom.

Khanna: "Now I don't have anything. I lost everything."

Andy didn't have security cameras and the suspect was wearing a mask. The gash on his head still hurts he says, but not as much as the pain of trying to do right - and have someone else take all his earnings.

Police say the suspect is an indian male in his 40's, with long black hair. K-Hanna thinks a woman might be working with him. Anyone with information on the crime should call Tulsa Crimestoppers at 596-COPS.