One Person Suffered Minor Injuries When A Ride Breaks At The Tulsa State Fair

Tuesday, October 3rd 2006, 6:08 am
By: News On 6

A sling-shot ride at the Tulsa State Fair almost turns deadly, when the bungee cords snap.

The News on 6 was there for the man's dramatic rescue. The accident happened Monday evening at the fairgrounds.

A man, who was riding the Ejection Seat, got more than he bargained for. Witnesses say they heard a loud popping noise, and when they turned they saw the man on this ride swinging from post to post. He almost landed practically upside down, dangling 30 feet above the ground.

Tulsa firefighters rode on an elevated platform to get high enough to secure the ride. Finally, they pulled the rider to safety feet first.

Once inside the platform, the rider grabbed hold of the man who helped get him down. Tulsa Fire District Chief Mark Sipe: "He gave Captain Atcheson; he was hugging on him coming down. And evidently the gentleman is from Porter and he told captain to come down and he'd buy em all the peaches he wanted."

The district chief says the rider walked away with only a skinned leg and a few cuts and bruises.

The ride is out of commission for the rest of the Tulsa State Fair.

The amusement park inspector told the News on 6 the bungee cords on these types of rides are good for 2,000 jumps. They say this particular company changes the cords after just 400 jumps.

And the ride did pass inspection before the fair opened.