Tulsa State Fair Safety Tips

Monday, October 2nd 2006, 10:14 am
By: News On 6

Security officials at the Tulsa State Fair are urging fairgoers to keep a close eye on their belongings. The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office says there has not been much crime so far this year, but you still need to take some special precautions before heading to the State Fair.

News on 6 reporter Chris Wright says Dorie Klusman had no idea her wallet was stolen from the trunk of her car while she and her family were inside the Tulsa State Fair last week. "When I called my husband and said my wallet is missing, please go look for it, he came back and said you lost it because there's no sign of anything happening to the car."

Authorities say thieves were able to jimmy the lock to Klusman's trunk and take the wallet from her purse without leaving any signs of entry.

After parking, Klusman had second thoughts about leaving her purse in the trunk. “For an instant, I had a gut feeling that I shouldn't do this, and I looked around and I did see some people looking at me, but they were security guards so I thought ok.”

Security officials at the Tulsa State Fair say leaving any valuables in your car can attract thieves. Lea Devlin with Expo Square Security: "they want something they can get into quick and get out of quick, and if it's not something that's visible, they're going to the next vehicle.”

Dorie Klusman was lucky though. She got her wallet back, but not before thieves went on a shopping spree. They did use one Klusman's credit cards to make an $80 purchase at the Sears before dumping it in the dumpster across the street. Klusman's credit card company is reimbursing her for the loss.

And she says she will be back at the fair next year, but without her purse. "I wish I had thought about it, but you don't need your purse, just put some money in your pocket and have a good time, leave your purse at home."

Law enforcement says if you do need to bring your purse to the Tulsa State Fair, lock it in your trunk before you arrive. But they recommend just bringing the bare minimum with you, your keys, your ID, and some spending money.