Thanks For The Travel Trailer

Monday, October 2nd 2006, 10:13 am
By: News On 6

Often we see people win a big prize on television and wonder what they do with it, keep it or sell it.

Last year, Joe and Nancy O’Rourke won a travel trailer from the News on 6 at the Tulsa State Fair. News on 6 reporter Rick Wells shows us that not only do they still have it, they are still almost giddy about having won it.

Joe and Nancy O'Rourke won a new travel trailer from the News on 6 and Dean's RV at the Tulsa State Fair last year. Nancy: "We were pumped, we were excited. We're still excited." Yes, they are.

Joe and Nancy O'Rourke met Rick Wells at the News on 6 booth at the Tulsa State Fair. They brought along some pictures of trips they have taken since winning last year.

Nancy: "Our first trip we didn't even have a truck, we had to have my brother in law drop us off and come get us later." They just couldn't wait, went to Sequoyah State Park. She got the first meal together, Cornish game hens and pumpkin pie. Rick Wells: "Cornish game hen, did it work?" Nancy: "Oh yeah, the oven worked beautifully. Just like Thanksgiving."

They say the travel trailer has given them the freedom get away and enjoy the peace and quiet. That has been the best part. The worst thing they did, buy a couple of mountain bikes to use. Joe: "For some reason we forgot we were in our 50's."

They say they've met some terrific people on their trips and the travel trailer has been perfect. Nancy: "It was awesome, it is still awesome. It still smells like new."