Teens React To New Anti-Drug Ads

Thursday, September 28th 2006, 3:27 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa area teens sound off on a controversial new anti-drug ad.

A new government-funded public service announcement takes a very different approach to keeping kids off drugs. Pete's Couch PSA: "I smoked weed and nobody died, I didn't get into a car accident. I didn't OD on heroin the next day nothing happened.”

Instead of playing on fear, the Pete's Couch ads take what some teens call a more realistic approach to marijuana use. Instead of highlighting what bad things can happen when you use drugs, it talks about all you would miss out on if you just got high.

The News on 6 showed the ad to a group of Jenks teenagers. Some liked the positive spin. 17 year old Sara Kim: "I personally think the second one the newer one is more effective to the generation right now our high schoolers because so many people are doing it. Just shows you need to kinda walk away from it and shows you need to make your own decisions.”

Some kids said the ad made them think, but it might be too subtle to influence younger teens.