There is a new splash park in Sapulpa

Saturday, August 20th 2005, 9:20 pm
By: News On 6

Kimberly Duke and McKenna are enjoying their first trip to the splash pad in Sapulpa and already Mom's got a wet surprise.

Kimberly Duke: "I got splashed. I didn't know it was going to come up and I got wet."

Others are regulars. Melissa Edwards says she's brought her son out here 20 times already. Both moms know the danger of standing water.

Tulsa County health officials blame stagnant water, at a Tulsa splash pad, for causing an infection that killed two young boys. Edwards says she and 5 year-old Cody have no problems staying away from stagnant water.

Melissa Edwards: "He avoids the mud. He doesn't like to get muddy."

Lezlee Vickers: "Everything's working great. We have no standing water anywhere."

Lezlee Vickers manually tests the water at Liberty Park three times a day. And a computer controller keeps the chemicals balanced. If it’s not, the water won’t even turn on. All the water pumped through these fountains and falls never sits stagnant, even when the splash pad is turned off. The water in the 2,000 gallon tank is flushed, filtered, and treated, 24 hours a day.

Kathleen Davis has four little ones out here today, and four reasons to keep recent problems at Tulsa splash pads at the back of her mind. She's one of the many parents on the lookout for standing water.

Kathleen Davis: "I watch for it and I try to keep the kids away from it if I see any."

Maintenance crews say you'll have a hard time finding it here. The water never makes if off the pad, where it runs through these drains, and is recycled and rechlorinated back in the holding tank. It's all to make sure that for the rest of the summer these little squirts are playing it safe.