Woman carjacked at Broken Arrow Restaurant Drive-Thru

Thursday, August 11th 2005, 3:17 pm
By: News On 6

A Broken Arrow woman is still badly shaken after being terrorized in a fast-food drive-thru. The News on 6's Heather Lewin says a man with a gun took her cash and her car while she ran for her life.

Sharon Burrus: "It's just a really scary thing to have someone put a gun in your face... just really scary I couldn't believe it, I thought I was gonna die."

It was about 11:30 Wednesday night when Sharon Burrus pulled up to the menu and placed her order. As she started to roll forward, a man jumped out of the truck behind her, leaned in through her half open window and said 'give me all your money'.

Sharon Burrus: "I thought it was a joke at first and I said are you kidding me... and I looked over and saw he had a gun inside my car, right in my face and said give me all your money again."

Sharon handed over all the cash she had, but the man wasn't done with her yet.

Sharon Burrus: "I started just thinking about my daughter and how I have to take her to school on Monday."

Police say the man reached into the car, pointed a gun at the driver and told her to move over. Thinking quickly the woman said, 'just take my car' and jumped out. The suspect grabbed her purse, got in and sped away. Sharon ran for her life.

Sharon Burrus: "And I was still thinking I was gonna die when I was running, cause I was freaked out he was gonna try to shoot me in my back."

As she hid in the parking lot, the suspect took off in her car followed by an accomplice in a pickup. Police believe the same two men stole that truck in a lunchtime car jacking the same day another Tulsa drive-thru. The truck was later abandoned.

Sharon Burrus: "I feel really lucky that he didn't just knock me out and push me over and just take me."

Sharon, who's lived about a mile away from the restaurant her entire life, says she'll never feel the same about her surroundings.

Sharon Burrus: "Women need to be careful if you're by yourself at night cause guys are obviously watching for that and they'll prey on that if they know that you're vulnerable and by yourself. I never thought that stuff happened in Broken Arrow."

Police say the suspects are two black males. The man with the gun is described as in his early 20's, 5' 10'', 160 pounds with corn rows in his hair and a gap between his front teeth. He was wearing a black shirt and dark jeans.

He took off in the victim's car, a black 2001 4-door Toyota Camry with Oklahoma tag number 807 ZEB.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS.