Oklahoma City girl survives fall through the ice

Monday, February 20th 2006, 6:00 am
By: News On 6

An Oklahoma City family is counting their blessings, and spreading a word of warning after their 10-year-old daughter fell into a pond.

Brook Grove got a little too close to her family's backyard pond. She told emergency workers she tried to poke the ice with a stick and fell in. "And then I remembered how I watched my puppy swim sometimes whenever we gave her bath and I tried to do the dog paddle."

Brook was able to pull herself out of the pond. She then ran inside screaming, scared and frozen. Her parents wrapped her in a blanket and called 911.

Emergency workers say the family took the right steps. They say when someone is that cold, bringing their temperature up too quickly could put them in shock.

Brook is going to be just fine.