Monster truck accident at Tulsa's Expo Square leaves one man dead

Sunday, February 19th 2006, 5:16 pm
By: News On 6

It was shocking end to the 42nd Annual Darryl Starbird Car Show and Monster Truck race Saturday evening as fans watched an SUV lose control and plow into two people.

Eyewiteness Dale Korn: "when I seen it happened, I was like oh my god this ain't happening."

Ambulances racing from Tulsa's Expo Square dealt fans a jolt of reality, this tragedy really did happen. Witnesses say this SUV was in its first lap of the dirt course when disaster struck.

Dale Korn: "he made a jump and lost control of the vehicle seemed like the throttle possibly stuck and ran head on into another truck and caught a gentleman between a tire and ricocheted him off."

Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies say the SUV then hit a second person, careened into another monster truck before coming to a stop.

Eyewitness Anthony Huffmaster: "I seen like three people on the ground and it scares me because I race in the summer, drag racing, its pretty scary."

Dale Korn: "I ran down there and see if they needed help and they needed help so I went down there and did what I could." But there wasn't much to be done. "I've done first responder for several years and seeing what I've seen I dont think he's gonna make it."

49 year-old Calvin Carrington was taken to the hospital by ambulance in critical condition. The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office says he died at the hospital. The second victim and the driver were also taken to the hospital, the sheriff's chief deputy says their injuries were not life-threatening.

Calvin Carrington was the owner of Wildfire Motorsports. His website says he's been racing in just about every arena in every state for 15 years.