Shooting at Tulsa's Lacy Park leaves one teen dead

Saturday, February 11th 2006, 6:45 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa's 13th homicide happened early Saturday morning in Tulsa. The victim is 16 year-old Johnny Young Junior. He played football for TSST, and his father, Johnny Young Senior was a teacher and a coach there.

The shooting happened around 2 AM Saturday morning at Lacy Park. There was a party after a TSST and Booker T. basketball game.

Some of the students stayed after, and that's when the shooting happend. Witnesses say they heard multiple gunshots, and when police arrived, they found Johnny Young still breathing, but with a bullet wound in his head. He later died.

Investigators haven't confirmed what kind of gun was used in the shooting, but say there may have been more than one.

Tulsa Police Captain Walter Evans: "At least three witnesses say that they heard, about 10 to 15 shots at least, and they sounded like they were different calibur, but we don't know that as of yet.

The family's minister told The News on 6, the Youngs are long time members of his church. He said Young was involved in their Youth Ministry Program, and that the family is taking the death of their youngest son awfully hard.

The News on 6 talked with a Tulsa homicide detective late Saturday afternoon. He said they still have very slim leads as to who may have shot Johnny Young.