Aldabra tortoises hatch at the Tulsa Zoo

Friday, February 10th 2006, 11:01 am
By: News On 6

There are some new arrivals at the Tulsa Zoo.

Two Aldabra Tortoises hatched recently and more are expected to hatch soon. That's because the mom, Cadabra, laid 20 eggs.

At birth, the turtles weigh about 50 grams and double in size each year.

It’s speculated they live more than 100 years. Tulsa Zoo curator Darell Pickering: "these animals that hatched today when Tulsa celebrates its centennial and maybe two." It's a challenge to tell the age of an Aldabra turtle cause they outlive their keepers.

The Aldabra's are the second largest species of tortoise in the world.