The aftermath of a major building fire in Broken Arrow

Wednesday, February 8th 2006, 10:24 am
By: News On 6

The fire started shortly after 2 PM Tuesday at a warehouse near 71st and 145th East Avenue in Broken Arrow.

A day later, the three businesses inside lie in ruins.

News on 6 anchor Terry Hood says the warehouse was storing large amounts of combustibles. Fire investigators believe a chemical cleanser fueled the fire, but Wednesday, we found dozens of aerosol cans that only contributed to the damage. The three businesses and everything inside were destroyed.

Hard work by fire crews kept the flames from spreading to a nearby business, just two feet away. Firefighters shot continuous streams of water between the two buildings, to prevent any further damage.

Wednesday, folks at Ellis Construction Accessories say its business at usual, even though firefighters are still on scene, watching some hotspots. Broken Arrow Fire marshal Rick Fisher: "There's some gloves and things in there that are all in a big mound, and we can't really get to them to spread them out and put them out, because we can't get inside the building due to the structural integrity of it."

Fisher says the walls of the building could collapse if they're not reinforced. That's putting the investigation and any damage assessment on hold.

Two city blocks were evacuated due to the flames, the smoke, and the fumes. Firefighters say for the most part, everything's under control, and neighbors can get back to business.