Tulsa Police arrest a robbery suspect following a chase

Tuesday, January 24th 2006, 2:37 pm
By: News On 6

A dangerous Tulsa Police chase ends with an arrest. Police tracked an armed robbery suspect to the 4800 block of North Johnstown Tuesday afternoon.

They caught up with him, but not before he dropped some interesting evidence. Tulsa Police Sgt Dave Walker: "He is the one target that we had in the beginning of our fight to take back the streets, so to speak."

Police say William Givens is a link in a chain of armed robberies. They say his suspects surrender their cash, their cars, and their sense of security. "We've heard he is armed, he's been shooting people. We know for a fact that he's beat people with a weapon. So his escalation of violence led us to make it a priority that we take him off the street."

Tulsa Police surrounded his house, but the suspect took off in this stolen station wagon. He drove through a Tulsa neighborhood, and tried to drive down a walking trail. A police cruiser penned him in. So the suspect jumped out, and ran through several backyards before ending up in someone's shed.

Tulsa Police retraced the suspect's steps. They say they found three guns he dropped as he ran away, and a bag of ammo and electronics in the car. Detectives also found a police radio in the suspect's stolen car. It was tuned to Highway Patrol frequencies, but could also pick up Tulsa Police traffic, because it used to belong to TPD. In fact, it still had a Police registry number on the back.

Sgt Dave Walker: "Basically, this was just the culmination of a bunch of street officers doing a bunch of good work out there on the street, giving us the information we need to follow up on."

Detectives say Givens is linked to several armed robberies of individuals. Tulsa Police hope Givens' arrest will help break up robbery rings.