Rogers County teen's amazing rescue

Wednesday, December 14th 2005, 10:48 am
By: News On 6

A Rogers County teenager makes an amazing water rescue.

A mother and her two sons were inside their SUV when it plummeted close to 15 feet and crashed into a creek Tuesday night, near state highway 66 in Catoosa. They all made it out safely, thanks to some quick-thinking by the older son.

News on 6 reporter Ashli Sims has more on how one big brother came to the rescue.

Roberta Sevedge: "when we hit and the windows came out we were upside down and immersed and at that moment in time I remember thinking please don't let us end up upside down.” It was a scary scene, ambulance lights flickering on a slick one lane bridge, a family car sticking out of the creek. "All I could think was that it was slick and my tire dropped off and I lost control. And there was no guardrail no shoulder and by the time I was in any kind of a recovery mode, it was gone."

The Sevedge's SUV spun across the road, dodged several trees, then flipped end over end down this embankment and landed in the icy water.

“It was freezing it was brutal cold I mean we were pushing ice blocks away." 6 year old Phaelen Sevedge: "so cold my teeth were actually chattering.”

Before Roberta could unfasten her seatbelt, she says her oldest son took charge. 14 year old Joshua Taft: "kinda just had the feeling that this water is cold we need to get out now. And I thought the truck can be replaced people can't."

Josh grabbed his little brother, kicked out the door and carried 6 year old Phaelen up a steep embankment to safety. Roberta Sevedge: “he was little Mr. Take Charge, I wasn’t expecting that out of my 14 year old, I was thrilled.”

They're a little banged up and bruised, but everyone is fine.

Roberta Sevedge: "as well as we walked out of this and as bad of an accident as it was I know God had a hand on us, protecting us."

At one point, paramedics thought 6-year-old Phaelen was missing, but Josh says he left his little brother with someone to warm up while he went to try to help his mom who was still trying to climb up the embankment.

Joshua Taft is one young man really trying to take care of his family.