Better Business Bureau Issues Warning on Checking Account Scam Affecting Tulsa-Area Consumers

Friday, December 9th 2005, 1:06 pm
By: News On 6

(Tulsa, OK) --- Rick Brinkley, President/CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Eastern Oklahoma, issued a warning today to consumers throughout Eastern Oklahoma to be wary of any phone calls asking for the consumer's checking account numbers.

"We have received multiple phone calls in the last twenty (24) hours from consumers telling us that they have received phone calls stating for a variety of reasons that the caller needs the consumer's checking account and bank routing information. These scam artists have told the callers everything from their bank's computers have crashed and they need to re-input the account number into the computer to they are law enforcement officers and it appears the consumer's checking account number has been found on a website and the caller needs the consumer to verify the account number." Brinkley stated.

"All of these pleas for account numbers are lies and it is nothing more than scam artists attempting to find new ways to con callers out of important private information that can allow the con artists to drain everything out of the consumer's checking account."

The BBB has received calls from consumers as well as financial institutions making the Better Business Bureau aware of the scam. Everyone should be forewarned that you should never give out any private information to unsolicited callers or respond with this kind of information to unsolicited E-mails.

"If you want to verify that your bank needs anything, ask the caller for his or her name and tell them you are calling your bank to verify who he/she is and the information he/she has requested. Typically, scam artists will then either hang up or tell you that if you hang up the phone that something bad will happen.

Legitimate employees of legitimate banking institutions will encourage you to verify their story. Never call the phone number the potential scam artists gives you to verify their employment, it could every easily be a buddy working the scam with them," Brinkley said.

"You should hang up the phone, look up the number in your own phone book, and make the call yourself."

Brinkley added, that if consumers should have any questions, they can call their bank or the Better Business Bureau serving Eastern Oklahoma.

The BBB can be reached by calling (918) 492-1266 or toll-free (877) 492-1266.