Bartlesville garden club members pose for a calendar

Friday, December 9th 2005, 10:20 am
By: News On 6

2006 calendars are big this time of year, they make great gifts. Dog calendars or cat calendars. Cute animal pictures one for each month, but wait, before you buy one of those, you may want to see the Green Country Garden Club calendar.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells went to Bartlesville and uncovered quite a story.

Every garden club needs an occasional fund raiser. The members of the Green Country Garden Club in Bartlesville told me about their project, a calendar featuring the men of the garden club.

The men are in various poses around the garden wearing, not much. Rick Collins is Mr. December. "It would be nice if I could have a little more muscle and some tan next time."

The club members, mostly the women I'm guessing, had been tossing this calendar idea around for a couple of years, then on a bus trip to Wichita it all came together. Karen Moon: "I think before the end of that trip we had six guys.”

Actually the ladies say it wasn't difficult at all, Gloria Vandagriff said 'honey' and her husband said ‘Yes dear.’ He's Mr. June. Don Moon, Mr. September, is the president of the club, he couldn't say no.

Mark Walker, a mechanic with the city, is Mr. April. He's taken a little ribbing about being the yellow rose of Texas, but he's fine with it. Well, until just now when someone said the mayor of Bartlesville bought some calendars. "I didn't know the mayor bought three calendars, she's my boss."

It's only been out a week or so and they've already had to order more from the printer.

Rick Collins: "There was that little frozen moment with the little voice saying run don't do this." But no one did, bravery comes in all shapes and sizes.

Want to know more about the club or want to order a calendar, they have a website, it’s