Dealing with the cold weather

Thursday, December 8th 2005, 10:18 am
By: News On 6

Working in and enjoying the cold weather.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells decided to head out Thursday morning to see how folks were dealing with and even enjoying this cold weather. He says he may have also found out who caused school to be canceled Thursday.

Several guys were busy; they're from L&M Office Furniture, delivering some new file cabinets to the DA's office at the Tulsa County courthouse.

Smokers have it tough in weather like this, smoke breaks require layered clothing.

A runner along in Tulsa's Riverside Park is proof if you needed any, fitness never takes a day off.

Two city of Tulsa employees were working on a non-working traffic signal and they don't like to work in the cold. But enough about work, time for some fun. The hill at Harwelden was busy, most of the snow is worn off, but the sleds still worked.

Rick Wells: "aren't you supposed to be at work today?" Sledder: "Yeah, self employed though."

Most all schools in the Tulsa area closed because of the weather and that is why all the kids were there.

One mom told me her son and daughter may be responsible for the snow-day off. She said they wore their PJ's backward for luck. "When you wear the PJ's backward, it might give you luck, so you won't have school." Rick Wells: "and did it work?" Youngster: “Yeah." Wish I'd known that when I was a kid.

So that's it, need a day off from school, wear your PJ's backwards. Of course it helps if there is snow in the forecast.