A case of animal cruelty in Bristow

Friday, December 2nd 2005, 6:11 am
By: News On 6

Creek County authorities are searching for suspects responsible for an incredible act of cruelty. A dog in Bristow is nearly killed after being dragged behind a vehicle.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says Lulu is pitiful, but alive. The 2 year old dog bears scars of abuse.

She still might have to have a leg amputated. Dr Larry Kysar: "It would certainly appear she was drug, with some sore of rope around her, coming clear around and down the leg."

The rope burns took off her hair. The friction from dragging tore hide off both sides. The pavement wore off a half inch of bone on one leg. She can walk, but not without plenty of pain. The vet says judging from Lulu's injuries it looks like she was roped and drug down a road like this.

What the owner wants to know is who could do such a thing. Emory Bryan: “You'd like to find them?” Shelby Flanigan: "You bet I would, and prosecute them."

Shelby took in Lulu as a stray. She was missing for a couple of days and came limping home November 14th. “I thought the coyotes had got a hold of her and tore her up." He's set up a reward to find out who hurt Lulu.

Dr Larry Kysar: "We might have to do more work on the leg at some point, but she's doing alright, she's recovering well." She's still on antibiotics and might need more surgery, but the vet says she's a good dog that certainly deserved better than this.

There is a reward for tips in the case. And you can remain anonymous. The number to call is 367-2252.