Experts say pack some patience if you're traveling this Thanksgiving holiday

Wednesday, November 23rd 2005, 7:36 am
By: News On 6

Millions of holiday travelers will head home today to eat Thanksgiving turkey.

6 in the Morning reporter Omar Villafranca says if you're flying, there are some tips to make your trip smoother. An estimated 37 million Americans will travel this holiday season. So get ready to stand in lines at the airport.

Here are some ways to speed things up for you and other passengers.

First, dress for travel. Try not to wear clothing that will set off the security detectors like clothes with metal buttons.

Also, most of us will have to take our shoes off at the security checkpoint. Make it easier by wearing shoes that slide on and off with ease.

When it comes to your luggage, don't lock your suitcases. That way, screeners can easily check the contents.

And give yourself time to get through the lines.

Tulsa International Airport spokesperson Mary Smith: "I would ask folks to consider coming to the airport 90 minutes prior to their scheduled departure, especially today, tomorrow and then Sunday, Monday, because those are the busiest days. And the airport you're coming back from, if you're leaving Tulsa today and coming back from Chicago O'Hare on Sunday, you probably need to consider a lot more than 90 minutes at O'Hare."

Travel experts also say if you're taking gifts home, don't wrap them. That way screeners can look over them.

And go online and print your own boarding passes. That way, you won't have to go to a ticket counter if don't have any bags to check. And have your ID ready. It's a simple thing, but people still forget to bring their IDs.

And finally, the people at the airport say have patience. It'll make everyone's trip easier.