Sand Springs teen involved in Broken Arrow accident arrested

Monday, November 21st 2005, 6:00 am
By: News On 6

A Broken Arrow family continues to recover from the physical and financial damage left from a Jeep hitting their house.

Broken Arrow Police arrested the 15 year old believed to have caused the damage.

As News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan explains, the family will follow the criminal case, as they recover.

Greg and Deborah Ray can walk again, three weeks after a Jeep crashed into their kitchen. Greg Ray: "Just a loud explosion, heard Deborah scream and then just chaos.” The Jeep smashed through a corner of their house and stopped inside, leaving massive damage. Greg was pinned by the Jeep and Deborah was run over. Greg Ray: "it's hard to complain when we shouldn't be here."

Greg had the worst injures and faces more surgery and months of rehab. Deborah's legs were injured. Their 6 year old son was barely hurt but still has nightmares. The arrest of the girl accused of hitting them made them all feel better. Deborah Ray: "But I feel good that she's no longer on the run."

Broken Arrow Police arrested the suspected driver Saturday, Victoria Preibe of Sand Springs. She's 15. Greg Ray: "I know she heard Deborah screaming when she made the decision to leave the Jeep and take off running, so she made an adult decision and I hope people treat her like an adult and she's tried as an adult and she gets whatever is coming to her."

The repairs to the house are underway, but won't be finished until after Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the family can't come back until after the holidays. They're eager to move back in, but right now they're spending most of their time going to doctor’s appointments. Greg Ray: “the foot is the worst thing; it's given me the most problems.”

While Greg and Deborah recover, they say they'll be watching to see what happens to the girl accused of hitting them - who turned their lives upside down.

Victoria Preibe faces several charges from the accident, and a felony charge of arson. She's accused of setting her parent's house on fire, before running away with their Jeep.