Clark Howard visits Tulsa

Thursday, October 20th 2005, 7:48 pm
By: News On 6

Some big names in the radio talk show business made a stop in Tulsa today. Six thousand fans filed into the Mabee Center to catch a glimpse of the men behind the voices. Talk show hosts Sean Hannity, Neil Boortz, Clark Howard and Oliver North were all on hand for a roundtable discussion. The event dubbed “the Meeting of the Mouths” was sponsored by News on 6 Radio partner KRMG.

The radio personalities talked politics, current events and bargains. News on 6 Reporter Ashli Sims caught up with the famous cheapskate.

They've heard his dollars and cents pitch on the radio, now they're lining up to meet the famous penny-pincher in person.

Anncr: "we got any big clark howard fans here? yeah"

If these fans are any indication, Tulsa loves Clark Howard. And Clark Howard loves Tulsa.

Clark Howard, Radio Talk Show Host: "I love this town. Its so beautiful...the rolling hills. The only thing that upset me today is you messed up the weather. Cause I was so looking forward to running outside today and I had to workout inside."

Howard's talk show airs in 150 cities, but it's based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He visited with News on 6 Anchor Terry Hood in 2003, giving her some discount shopping tips at his favorite store Costco.

There's no Costco here, to Howard's dismay but that didn't stop him from doling out the money-saving advice. He says many folks are concerned about high heating costs this winter.

Clark Howard, Radio Talk Show Host: I want your weather stripping done around your doors, I want you to get your windows caulked. And that doesn't mean you have to hire someone if you do it yourself its really cheap."

Howard also says to get your furnace serviced and check your attic for proper insulation.

Clark Howard, Radio Talk Show Host: ”If you do just those four things you have the potential to lower your bills by 30 percent this winter."

But how can the man who prides himself on being cheap, show up to greet fans in a limo?

Clark Howard, Radio Talk Show Host: “this is not clark appropriate at all this is a terrible waste of resources”

Howard says the limo was not his idea.

Clark Howard, Radio Talk Show Host: “now see I said why don't we ride bicycles we're in an energy crisis I could ride a bike here."

That's Clark Howard always money-conscious. Today, he told the crowd he's wearing $3 shorts he picked up at Goodwill.