Window Alarms May Help Keep Your Family Safe

Monday, October 17th 2005, 6:14 pm
By: News On 6

As investigators continue to hunt a serial rapist preying upon Tulsa's children, some families are taking steps to make their homes a bit safer - especially securing windows - the way the serial rapist usually strikes.

The News on Six's Heather Lewin found a low cost way to buy some peace of mind.

It's a device that could make a difference if someone tries to slip into your home while you're asleep.

The serial rapist targeting Tulsa children climbs in through bedroom windows - often hitting apartment complexes - where people are less likely to have expensive security systems.

The Home Depot's David Broderick says it doesn't take a lot of cash to make a small change.

"Anybody can buy 'em," Broderick says. "You're looking at $5.25 as opposed to several hundred, a thousand dollars."

"It's small, two pieces, one piece secures to your window sill, or trim, the other piece to the window itself, or door. You can use them on doors also."

Broderick says he sells so many of these, he's restocking the shelves about three times a week.

While it's a great low cost alternative to a security system, there are a few things to remember.

If you're not home, this doesn't alert authorities that you've had a break-in. Also while it's pretty loud, if you don't wake up the intruder can simply come in and switch it off.

To avoid that, the next step up in technology still runs only about $20.

"The difference with this one is, you can actually set a code, so if somebody walks in they can't just hit a switch and shut it off."

But police say the first step is one you can take for free: keep your windows closed and locked.

In every case, the serial rapist entered through an open window or door.

The low cost alarms are available at home improvement stores.