Retailers and customers prepare for the Oklahoma lottery

Monday, October 10th 2005, 10:55 am
By: News On 6

Big dreams of fast cash are taking hold across Oklahoma as lottery fever takes hold.

Scratch-off lottery tickets go on sale at your favorite convenience store on Wednesday and both players and store owners are raring to go. News on 6 anchor Craig Day says Quik Trip stores are always busy places.

Customers like to get in and out fast. More workers will be on hand starting early Wednesday morning. Quik Trip store manager Brad Young: "All the stores have been asked to staff a little extra for the shifts starting off on the 12th. Hello. Anything else for you? It will be 86."

Quik Trip's 55 Oklahoma stores are among more than 1,200 outlets that will begin selling Oklahoma lottery scratch-off tickets this week. The store employees have undergone training sessions. The needed equipment is in place, and they're ready for customers.

Just like Mahlon Montgomery. “for sure. Yes sir. I'll be here bright and early in the morning. I go to work at five and I'll stop by here every morning." Vendors will receive 6 percent of ticket sales, plus three quarters of a percent of winning lottery tickets they cash.

Governor Brad Henry hopes the lottery will produce $150-million in its first year. Lottery opponents have their doubts the lottery will be able to raise that much revenue. Stores must redeem cash prizes up to $25 and can redeem them up to $600. Sapulpa resident Jeanne Lundgren: "It's something fun to do. I'm not much of a gambler as far as going to the casinos go, but I like the scratchoff tickets, so I'm looking forward to it."

Cash prizes from scratch-off games over $600 have to be redeemed at the Lottery Commission office. Pick 3 tickets and online games are scheduled to be available on November 10th.

The Powerball Lottery goes into effect in Oklahoma on January 16th of next year.