Sapupla's Big Build is almost done

Friday, September 30th 2005, 4:53 pm
By: News On 6

Something big is in the works in one Creek County town. Put hundreds of volunteers, a lot of community pride, and power tools together and it adds up to something very special.

News on 6 anchor Craig Day takes us to the Big Build in Sapulpa.

Volunteers in Sapulpa are on a mission and under a tight deadline. They're almost finished with a project talked about for 15 months now: a giant playground. Thanks to a big donation from American Heritage Bank, other businesses and a massive volunteer effort, they're almost done. Project coordinator Tami Fleak: "It doesn't take much to bring tears to your eyes when you see this many people out working and giving it their all. Taking their time and their vacation and time from their families so they can work on this park."

1,500 people have volunteered to build the playground over the past week. Project coordinator Jennifer Dilley: "Unskilled, skilled. And a lot of our unskilled have turned into skilled.” Volunteer Matt Riddle: "It's overwhelming how much, how neat this is and how much these kids are really going to enjoy it."

The Big Build playground covers 10,000 square feet and designers worked to incorporate some of Sapulpa's history into the project. The park includes a 55 foot oil derrick to climb in, plus everything you'd expect from a state of the art playgound. Handprints from hundreds of children give the park a nice touch. Volunteer Marilyn Musgrove: “We cannot believe how much gets finished each day. And it's so nice to see so many people in the community involved."

It isn't just a place to play, that is under construction. They're also developing stronger ties with each other, and building community spirit.

The Big Build playground will be finished and dedicated Sunday evening. It's just north of the Sapulpa Public Library.