Graduated Driver Licenses

Friday, July 14th 2006, 12:37 pm
By: News On 6

Some are wondering if a deadly traffic accident on the Creek Turnpike on Wednesday might have been avoided under Oklahoma’s new restrictive graduated drivers license law.

News on 6 reporter Jennifer Loren got reaction to that question Friday.

The graduated driver’s license law just went into effect last November. It restricts new teenage drivers from driving late at night and prohibits them from driving with several young passengers.

The News on 6 talked to some teenagers in the process of getting their GDL’s. They say, in light of this terrible wreck, the law is a good idea and not much of a burden on them. Their parents agree, the new graduated driver’s license is better than just turning new drivers loose at 16. But teens say it can't stop all accidents from happening. "I'm not going to say it could've prevented it. But it probably would have helped it. Kids is going to be kids anyway."

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety says since the law went into affect last November, the number of new teen drivers getting in wrecks has dropped.