Winning Powerball Ticket Sold At Broken Arrow Quik Trip

Sunday, June 18th 2006, 12:22 pm
By: News On 6

Someone hit the Powerball jackpot in Oklahoma over the weekend.

A Broken Arrow Quik Trip sold the winning ticket for Saturday's Powerball Lottery drawing. It's the first jackpot ticket sold in Oklahoma, and worth, before taxes, $101.8-million.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan explains.

William Campbell might have been on to something. “Yes, I always buy my ticket here." He had the right store - but the wrong numbers for last weeks Powerball drawing. “You never know, you could win, that's why I always buy a ticket.”

It was the Broken Arrow Quik Trip at 4705 South Elm Street that sold the ticket Friday afternoon. They don't know who bought it - or who sold it. But everyone wants to know. Quik Trip assistant manager Joseph Hanson: "Maybe it's a group, it would be nice if it's a group, it would be good to see people win it like that."

Even though there's a big payday coming for someone, the winning ticket won't mean anything but publicity for the store. Unlike other states, in Oklahoma, the winning ticket doesn't mean anything extra for the store that sold it. Mike Thornbrugh with QuikTrip: “we make 6 cents and that's it, so we get the honor of being the first retailer in Oklahoma to sell the winning ticket and that's ok.”

It's the first Powerball jackpot won in Oklahoma, worth just under $102-million paid over 29 years, or $46-million in a lump sum, before taxes.

Customer: "I think it's very awesome for somebody, and I hope it makes them happy, it should make them a very happy person." Since the store is just off the Creek Turnpike, the odds are about even on whether it was someone local or someone passing through. But everyone was dreaming about it.

Customer: "What would I do, I don't know."

With the Powerball jackpot depleted for this week, it goes back down to $15-million. Still there are plenty of people buying tickets - who believe they might be the next jackpot winner.

No one has come forward yet to claim the prize.