Muskogee County Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

Friday, February 7th 2020, 7:40 pm

Prosecutors charged a Warner man with felony animal cruelty after witnesses say they saw him beating his dogs on the side of the road. 

Muskogee County Undersheriff Michael Mahan said they received calls from a tree cutting crew working in Warner who said they saw James Pevehouse abusing two dogs.

"A couple of dogs had come upon them while they were working. A gentleman showed up later trying to retrieve the dogs," said Muskogee County Undersheriff Michael Mahan. 

Mahan said six people witnesses Pevehouse become violent with the dogs.

 “They actually observed him pick one of the dogs up and slam it into the back of his truck and throw several punches on that dog before he left the scene,” said Mahan.

Deputies responded to the area and while they took witness statements Pevehouse drove up to the scene.

 “Asked him to wait at his nearby residence so that he could come to interview him and check on the animals during that process the suspect left the scene and we weren’t able to interview him," said Mahan.

Deputies were able to find one of the dogs at Pevehouse's home. 

“He went to the house to check on the dogs he did find one of the animals. Checked it and said it was a little muddy but it was okay other than that no injuries that he could observe," said Mahan.

Mahan said a warrant has been filed and they hope Pevehouse will turn himself in. Deputies said someone drove by and picked up the second dog so they have not yet been able to see if the other dog was injured

","published":"2020-02-08T01:40:44.000Z","updated":"2020-02-08T01:40:43.000Z","summary":"Prosecutors charged a Warner man with felony animal cruelty after witnesses say they saw James Pevehouse beating his dogs on the side of the road.","affiliate":{"_id":"5c784a0c4961cb23ad330098","callSign":"kotv","origin":""},"contentClass":"news","createdAt":"2020-03-06T16:27:09.566Z","updatedAt":"2020-03-31T17:28:12.685Z","__v":1,"show":true,"link":"/story/5e6279dd5d575f9d06d2c526/muskogee-county-man-charged-with-animal-cruelty","hasSchedule":false,"id":"5e6279dd5d575f9d06d2c526"};