Wood vs. Plastic Folding Tables: Which Is Better?

Sunday, March 15th 2020, 3:03 pm
By: News On 6

Folding Table

Every year, more than 40 million people go camping and engage in outdoor activities.

For many people, folding tables are a necessity when doing anything outside. Even if you’re not camping, a folding table can make entertaining in your backyard a lot more interesting.

Other people use folding tables inside their houses. They act as temporary places to store goods and belongings, or even as trays for dinner while watching television. No matter how you use a folding table, they bring convenience and ease.

Folding Tables

Folding tables come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and construction materials. Two of the most popular materials used are wood and plastic. There are advantages to each type of folding table, and a careful examination of those advantages will reveal which would work best for you.

Plastic Folding Tables

For people who need to use a lot of tables, such as those planning an event, the question always comes up whether they should get wood or plastic folding tables. Plastic folding tables are often less expensive than wood tables and are well known for durability.

Plastic resists water damage and staining, and with proper cleaning can look new for many years. If cared for properly, your plastic tables will survive almost anything that comes their way. They can be broken by having too much weight on them, but it would need to be an unreasonable amount for the size of the table.

Plastic is also available in every shade imaginable. They can be anything from white to hot pink, and you can coordinate them with other decorations.

Plastic folding tables are often textured to prevent items from slipping. The texturing on the table can hold food items or table clothes over them without issue.

Plastic is lightweight in most applications. A plastic folding table is easy to carry and use. Even large tables often only require a couple of people to move. Most of the weight in a plastic folding table comes from the metal legs and braces, but newer folding tables are still quite light.

Wood Folding Tables

Wood is prized for the way it looks and the charm it carries. Whether plain or carved, wood can be a beautiful addition to any scene. Depending on the theme of a party or event, a folding wood table could be the perfect piece to use.

The wood used in folding tables is treated so that it doesn’t absorb water. They often have a polished shine to them, which makes the grain of the wood stand out more. Wood folding tables can be constructed of all wood, or have wood and metal combined.

Wood tables can be a bit expensive, but often this cost is associated with the quality of the wood used. The higher the price, the more robust and beautiful the wood table will be. Whether used as a compliment or as the main piece, a folding wood table will be reliable and last you a long time.

The Problem with Plastic

When it comes to folding tables, one of the main problems with plastic is that they can get stained. Most of the time, this won’t ruin the table because there are ways to remove stains from plastic. This will require that you do some work, however.

Another problem with plastic tables is that they can be unstable. This is most true of cheap tables that aren’t made well. Plastic will also become brittle if left out in the sun for long periods of time. The UV radiation breaks down the plastic and will make it prone to chipping.

The Problem with Wood

A big problem with folding wood tables is that impacts can damage them. Knicks and dings show up when they come into contact with anything harder than wood, such as metal. Wood can also be damaged from stains, but with a proper finish, they are easy to clean before staining sets in.

Like all materials, wood will fade if exposed to direct sunlight over an extended period of time. In order to fix this problem, you would have to polish or stain the wood back to its original color. Outdoor exposure and pests can also cause damage to folding tables, but only if you don’t put them up when finished.

The Cost of Wood vs Plastic

Plastic folding tables are often cheaper than folding wood tables. The human population produces plastic on an incredible scale, and it is prized for durability and ease of use. This makes the average folding table cheaper if made of plastic than wood.

This is not true of all tables. The heavier and more robust a table is, the more it costs whether made of wood or plastic. The amount of metal in the construction of the folding table will also increase the price. Some wooden tables don’t have any metal and can be purchased for less than you may think.

The Weight Difference

Plastic weighs a lot less than wood. It is a less dense material and can be applied with less thickness for the same strength. Wood folding tables are often thick and sturdy, which means that they are going to weigh more. This is not a problem in small folding tables, but on larger ones, they can become quite heavy.

Style Choices

Wood folding tables don’t have as many color options in general as plastic tables. This can make it harder to fit to a generic theme or style. Plastic tables can come in any color you like, but also come in a lot of different styles.

This makes wood tables more style-specific, such as a rustic look. Plastic tables are a great job for anyone who doesn’t have a specific theme or decoration in mind for an event or party. They work well anywhere.

Folding Tables

Whichever you choose to go with, folding tables will make your life easier. They are easy to put up, easy to take down, and easy to store. You won’t run the risk of dropping anything or having guests eat on their laps if you invest in some good, high-quality folding tables.

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