7 Incredible Benefits of Buying a Used Tesla in 2020

Wednesday, January 22nd 2020, 12:40 am
By: News On 6

Used Tesla

Did you know that there are more than 5,000 charging stations all over the United States, allowing you to recharge your electric vehicle quickly? It makes so much sense to buy an electric car such as a Tesla now, especially if you’re concerned about global warming.

But what if you cannot afford a brand new Tesla electric car? In this case, buying a used Tesla is probably your safest bet. You still get an electric car to drive around and reap the numerous benefits associated with it.

Keep reading to find out a few reasons why you should go for a Tesla car this year!

1. Save Money

There are numerous financing options when it comes to covering the expenses for your used Tesla car.

You can either get a bank loan or trade-in your old car to cover a portion of the cost. In any case, you can save a great deal of money if you decide to go for a used Tesla instead of a brand new one and this is one of the main reasons why people do it.

2. Drive A Modern and Safe Car

Many people are wondering if are Tesla’s worth it. This is a legit question and the answer is yes if you’re interested in safety.

Tesla cars are dripping with technology. They are engineered to prevent and avoid collisions as well as minimizing damage in the case of an accident. There are numerous safety systems installed on a Tesla (such as lane assist, etc) car and these are continuously updated and improved.

If you’re thinking of one of the best family cars, a used Tesla is probably what you’re looking for.

The Tesla X model is also one of the safest cars you can find on a highway. It has received a 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and it’s one of the few vehicles that were awarded this certification.

3. Don’t’ Have to Buy Gas, Ever

Another great reason why so many people go for Tesla cars is the simple fact that these vehicles are electric. Electricity is much cheaper in comparison with gas. Not only that you’ll save money by driving a Tesla, but you’re also doing your part in protecting the planet.

A Tesla car can be charged on the go or at home, using a recharging station.

It offers an impressive autonomy, meaning that you can safely drive a couple of hundred miles between charges. Thanks to the fact that you don’t have to buy gas, you won’t be forced to meet certain emission regulations and you won’t pay any taxes associated with them.

4. Your Tesla Car Requires Little to No Maintenance

As you probably already know, there are fewer moving parts in an electric car, in comparison with a regular, gas-based vehicle. There are no gears to shift, no cylinders and pistons, no transmission, etc. You just put your car in “Drive” mode, press the acceleration and you’re good to go.

Thanks to the fact that there are fewer moving parts, there are fewer things that could go wrong. An electric car requires much less maintenance in comparison with a gas car, so you can save a great deal of money over the year. On top of that, you also save time because you don’t have to schedule repair sessions in auto repair shops.

Make sure that you find out more about a typical repair job, to understand what to expect next time.

5. Enjoy A Quiet, Smooth Ride

Electric cars don’t make the classic “vroom” sound which is characteristic of regular vehicles. Although this is a disadvantage of some drivers, most of them enjoy the silence.

Imagine getting into your car and start moving without hearing anything but your own heart beating. Even at high speeds, Tesla vehicles are very silent in comparison with regular cars.

Your benefit? You’ll have a less stressful driving experience and you won’t get tired that quickly.

6. You Might Be Able to Sell Your Tesla Car Again

Elon Musk’s Tesla company is one of the most popular out there. It gained a lot of attention in the last decade and it will continue to surprise us with various cars and trucks. What’s your advantage in this case? The advantage is that there will always be a market for Tesla cars.

Just as you are interested in buying a used Tesla, someone else might be interested in buying it from you in a few years. Since Tesla vehicles are so popular, you can sell it quickly and get a lot of money back. Even if you don’t sell it to a customer, you can probably give it back to the Tesla company for recycling and receive compensation in return.

7. Drive A High-Performance Car

There’s no slow Tesla car out there. In fact, some models can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds. That’s the beauty of an electric engine which has only one job — to go forward and as fast as possible!

If you decide to buy a used Tesla, you’ll reap the benefit of having a fast car that can take you to your destination quickly. You’ll also have no problem overtaking someone in traffic.

Another benefit of driving a Tesla is the simple fact that you can use the automatic pilot. Most Tesla cars can drive on the majority of US highways completely unassisted.

All that you have to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride. Your attention might be required on some portions of the highway, but having the automatic pilot do the bulk of the driving job for you is a blessing for most people.

Buying a Used Tesla Seems Like The Brightest Idea, Right?

If you’re a busy individual and you put safety and comfort above anything else when driving then buying a used Tesla is probably a good call. You’ll have one of the most sophisticated and safe driving experience in the world without paying the full price for it.

Now that we got this out of the way, check out the other blog articles on our websites to learn more about electric cars, road safety, and automotive technology in general!

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