Norman Woman Believes Coronavirus Tests Are Inaccurate After Receiving Conflicting Results

Monday, April 13th 2020, 1:17 pm
By: Hunter McKee

Sallie Clark said she was hospitalized for five days in Norman after she tested positive for COVID-19. Then, she got a call that her test actually came back negative.

“How do you explain that? I was in the hospital for five days being treated for it but yet they tell me now I don’t have it,” said Clark.

Clark said she had first developed a fever and trouble breathing, so she decided to get tested. Her results came back quickly.

“The end result was they told me I had tested positive for COVID-19 that I had pneumonia in both lungs and I needed to be hospitalized,” said Clark.

Clark went to a Norman hospital for treatment. She was released on Friday and received a phone call Easter Sunday from the clinic stating the same test she took days earlier came back negative.

“When I tried to ask the girl what she was talking about she said it was the test results from April the 5th when I was there,” said Clark.

Clark said she's still waiting for answers, but for now she believes some of the tests are inaccurate. She just hopes no one else has to go through what she did.

“It just makes me wonder how many people are walking around out there that are tested positive, that are really negative, or possibly negative that are really positive?” asked Clark.

Clark said because she’s unsure if she has the virus or not, her plan is to stay inside and self-quarantine for the near future.

The Classen Urgent Care Clinic told News 9 not every test is 100% and antibody tests (the quicker tests) and confirmation tests are separate.

Health officials said the confirmation tests take longer and trump antibody testing. Also, patients are only admitted if they show symptoms.