7 Weird Hacks Why Dry Herb Vaporizers Outdo Cartridge

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Wednesday, April 22nd 2020, 6:50 am

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7 Weird Hacks Why Dry Herb Vaporizers Outdo CartridgePhoto From Adobe Stock

Originally Posted On: https://weirdomatic.com/7-weird-hacks-why-dry-herb-vaporizers-outdo-cartridge.html


The popularity of vaporizers has increased over time and has completely changed the way people approach smoking cannabis. Now people are vaping the herb and enjoying every moment of the experience provided by their vapes.

Vaping cannabis has proven to be a reliable way to enjoy smoking, whether that be for medical or recreational purposes. There are some things that you should know when it comes to vaping herb.

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first time doing so or your well past the beginner stage. Everyone can benefit from these 7 hacks when it comes to dry herb and vaping.

Vaping Herb

When it comes to vaping, it’s one of the quickest ways to introduce cannabis into the body and feel the effects in a short amount of time. It’s increased popularity is precisely why we thought it was necessary to give everyone some helpful tips when it comes to vaping dry herb.

1. Fresh Herbs Only

When you are considering vaping dry herb, we recommend that you use high-quality herb only. When you vape, the process uses the moisture within a product and heats it up until it releases a vapor.

By using a fresh herb, it will contain a higher moisture content than that of herb that is old and stale. Ensure that the herb you use within the vape isn’t excessively wet or excessively dry.

Your vaping experience will be significantly enhanced if you choose to use high-quality herb every time you vape.

2. Grind It Correctly

When you grind the herb, it increases the amount of surface area you’re able to have. In turn, the increased surface area allows the heat to permeate throughout the cannabis and produces a thicker vapor for the user.

We recommend that you use an electric or manual grinder to achieve the perfect grind on your herb. Ensure that you grind the amount of weed needed for the vape.

Marijuana that is ground prematurely will dry out and decrease your vaping experience when it’s finally used.

3. Check the Temp

When you vape, you should do so between 356-410 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the cannabis that is used, the cannabinoids within that herb will vaporize differently depending on the temperature you’re using.

You should toggle with your temperature settings to figure out which setting works for you since different settings cause different effects within the user. The point is to heat the herb evenly as you’re using the vaporizer.

4. Pack It Tight

When you are filling the chamber of your vaporizer, ensure that you pack it tightly, but not so tightly that the vapor won’t come out correctly. Affecting the flow of the vapor will decrease your experience when you are using it.

If you’ve had difficulty finding a vaporizer that has the chamber size and power that you’re looking for, check out the Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer. Its chamber is 20% thicker than most, giving you the power that you’re looking for.

If you opt for a vaporizer that isn’t as large in size, it may reduce the amount of herb that you can fit inside the chamber – meaning you would need to fill the chamber more frequently than vaporizers such as the Davinci.

5. Preheat the Vape

Don’t put cannabis into your vaporizer until it has had a chance to warm up. We recommend that you preheat it while you are preparing your herb to be placed into the chamber.

You wouldn’t put fried chicken in a pan of cold grease and expect it to begin cooking immediately, therefore, you shouldn’t expect the same thing from your vape when you place the herb inside while its cold. Depending on the model of vaporizer you have, it will be able to heat up within a matter of minutes.

6. Inhale Slowly

When you’re vaping, it’s not a contest to see who can do things the fastest. Take your time and inhale slowly as you light the vape. When you vape in long drags or too quickly, it can cause pieces of cannabis to become lodged in the chamber of the vape.

By taking long drags, it also allows for cold air to infiltrate the chamber, which then reduces the internal temperature of the vape. When the temperature inside of the vape is affected, it forces the vaporizer to work harder to heat the cannabis.

Forcing the vaporizer to work harder than it needs to will likely mean you’ll need to replace the vaporizer sooner rather than later.

7. Maintain the Vape

Much like anything else that you find of value, you must maintain your vape and perform maintenance on it. To ensure that your vape functions correctly every time you need it, you need to keep the vape clean.

Each vape comes with instructions on how to clean the vape and ensure that you get the most use out of your purchase. Most vaporizers are on the expensive side, and it can be an incredible loss if you let that purchase go to waste because you didn’t take care of it.

To ensure the longevity of the vape and to reduce the likelihood of having to purchase another vape shortly, we encourage you to take care of the one that you currently have.

Light It Up

When it comes to vaping herb, there is no doubt that it is one of the best experiences a user can have. What we do know is that following the tips that we have provided for you above will help to increase the overall user experience.

Trust us, we find ourselves to be somewhat of a connoisseur in this specific area. If you’re looking for more hacks, tips, or advice when it comes to vaping, check out our website and scroll through our other posts.

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