Catoosa Man Stops Suspects Burglars From Breaking Into His Truck

Monday, April 27th 2020, 6:19 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

CATOOSA, Oklahoma -

A Catoosa man took matters into his own hands after catching suspected burglars breaking into his truck and stealing his gun and money.

He said he ran after them, tackled them in the street and held them until police got there.

Christoper Shook said he walked around the side of his house and saw someone digging though his truck. When the burglar ran, Shook said his military training kicked in and he ran after the burglar and took him to the ground.

A neighbor’s surveillance video shows Christopher shook running after the suspected burglar.

“He was able to get into the car. As he was in the car, I was able to grab him, pick him up and throw him to the ground. And then put him into a choke hold,” said Shook.

Shook said he was up early smoking brisket when he saw one of the suspected burglars going through his truck.

“He started running down the road and I saw his car, so I just be lined it towards the car,”

said Shook.

Shook was able to hold down one of the suspected burglars in the street and then called 911.

“They kept trying to take my phone away from me and after a few minutes of fighting with them I was able to get my phone away and call 911,” said Shook.

Minutes later police showed up and arrested Seth Jeremiah and Canon Brown.

They said a teenager drove off in the getaway car and threw the stolen gun, knife and money into the woods.

Police said the suspects admitted they had taken Xanax before they broke into the truck.

“You don’t know if they are going to take your phone and try to hurt you or what at that point. We are just thankful he was able to get his 911 call out, said Officer Brent Colbert with Catoosa Police.

Officer Colbert said this is another reminder to not leave valuables in your car, especially weapons.

“It could end up in the wrong hands or be used in some sort of crime or sold or stuff like that,” said Colbert. “It’s just a lot safer to make sure to lot leave it in there.”

“Now, I’m always going to check and make sure everything is locked up and everything is secured. I’m just glad nobody got hurt in the process,” said Shook.

Police said they always encourage people to call police first instead of taking matters into their own hands.