Van Gogh Painting Stolen From Museum

Thursday, April 30th 2020, 7:50 am
By: Rachel Roberts

New security footage from police shows the moments a thief breaks in and steals a Van Gogh painting from a Netherlands' museum.

Dutch police say they were called to the museum last month, but they're just now releasing the video.

Police say when they got to the museum--just 15 minutes after the alarm call--the painting was gone.

Officers say the thief used a sledge hammer to smash through the museum's gift shop to reach the main gallery.

He took Van Gogh's "Spring Garden," which had been on loan from another museum in the Netherlands.

Dutch museums have been closed since March 12th because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Officers are hoping this video will help them identify and track down the suspect.

The crime happened on what would've been Van Gogh's 167th birthday.