72-Year-Old Oklahoma Man Struggles With Gun Purchase After He Believed Felony Was Expunged

Friday, May 1st 2020, 5:48 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma - A 72-year old man spent the last 50 years thinking he had a clean record, until he tried buying a gun.

Bill Greenway said he had a felony conviction when he was a teenager that he believed was expunged in 1968.

Greenway has spent his entire life hunting and fishing.

Little did he know, if he had been pulled over, he could have gone to jail for having a gun as a former felon.

"It's just this little black cloud that follows me everywhere I go. Most people don't even know it, but I do,” said Greenway.

In 1966 Greenway said a friend invited him to go fishing in Louisiana.

He said his friend stole a car and gave Greenway a ride back to Oklahoma.

Days later the FBI knocked on his door and he was charged federally with transporting a stolen vehicle.

"I told the judge, ‘I'm sorry that I screwed up my life.’ He said, ‘young man, you haven't screwed up your life,’” said Greenway.

He spent no prison time, it was expunged two years later, went on to live a law-abiding life and yet 52 years later, it is still hanging over his head.

When he tried to get his concealed carry license 10 years ago, he was denied.

Greenway bought several guns before the law changed, requiring a background check and since then, he's been fighting this battle, even getting it expunged by a federal judge again, five months ago.

"If I want to go to the Tulsa gun show and buy a new rifle, I would like to be able to go buy a new rifle if I want to,” said Greenway. “I love my country dearly. I'd give my life for it in a heartbeat and I feel like I've been wrongly done."

News On 6 contacted the U.S. Attorney's office and the ATF, who tells us Greenway can go through an appeals process.


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